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Nostalgia (a painting by a 19-year-old me!)

I found some old paintings buried in the garage, and found a few to be interesting enough to bring inside. Some of these paintings bring back such good memories, of simpler times and of loved ones that are now no longer with us.

This painting, done when I was 19, was a gift for my father’s birthday. For reference, I used a photo taken by one of my sisters of our six-toed cat. My dad loved that cat.

Getting this painting digitized was a challenge because it was too big for my standard flatbed scanner (which scans up to 8-1/2 x 11 inches). I scanned the painting in parts and then pieced them together in Photoshop. I think that worked fairly well, so that’s great news!

Six-toed cat, oil on stretched canvas, 11×14 inches.

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