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“Big Ed” oil sketch 5×7 inches

This is “Big Ed.” I don’t know if Big Ed is done yet. He’s painted in oil, on 5×7″ oil-primed linen panel (Centurion brand, found at Jerry’s Artarama).

Big Ed

“Big Ed,” Work in Progress (almost done) 5×7 inches on oil-primed linen panel.

I’ve been dabbling with this oil sketch for several months now. I started it, then put it away, and now I hope I’m almost finished with it.

Big Ed is, I suppose, part of my “Novela” series. (I am inspired by this dramatic and campy Spanish-language soap operas, and am doing a series of paintings showing the emotions and expressions.) Big Ed may end up being called something else—I’m thinking “Uncertainty.”

One of the most important things I hope to get from these series of oil sketches (and really, any of my daily painting) is a looser, more free style. I can be guilty of overworking a painting and smothering any expressiveness of the brushstrokes clean away. With the novela series, I’m deliberately not trying to get a good likeness of anyone. It’s not important; what’s important is that I get the expression, and that I loosen up a little with the painting!

Here’s a close-up of the brush-strokes on Big Ed’s face:

Big Ed

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