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Limited Palette – Gothy guy (WORK IN PROGRESS)

Here is a WORK IN PROGRESS. I actually got quite a bit done with this little oil sketch the other day, but I hesitate to call this finished. There are some areas that definitely need to be tweaked.

Goth guy, oil in 4×5 inch canvas panel, WORK IN PROGRESS

I did this the other night on a whim. Maybe I took an hour on it; I’m not sure.

For this painting I used a limited palette that consisted of:

  • Titanium-Zinc White & Flake White (mostly Flake but a little bit of Titanium/Zinc too).
  • English Red (this is a earthy cool red)
  • Yellow Ochre
  • Lamp Black

I tend to avoid using black in color mixing (I was taught this by my old oil painting teacher) but really, it’s not bad as long as you are very careful with it. In this painting I think it works well with the rest of the color scheme. I’ll be using this limited palette (or similar palette) in the future—I love the look! It’s a challenge to see how much you can get with these limited color options. Black and yellow ochre can make a good green, for example, and many blacks have a cool tint which can seem almost blue (depending on what colors are used around it). So there’s a lot you can do with just these few colors.

Here’s a closeup detail of the painting. Bear in mind that it’s only 4×5 inches in total!

Work in progress, in detail

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