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Monthly Archives: Jul 2017

Daily Paintworks: What you as an artist would like to know about selling online.

Detail of oil painting: “Perky Young Kitten,” (original painting 6×8″) Sold on DailyPaintworks.com.

I’m writing this because now and then (pretty regularly, actually) I get fellow artists asking me how I like DailyPaintworks. Daily Paintworks is a site where original artworks (usually smaller, less expensive works—maybe done “daily”) are sold. I sell my smaller works on Daily Paintworks. When I actually produce new work (sometimes I don’t because life has gotten in the way), I sell okay. I estimate that I’ve sold approximately 2/3rds (maybe a little less) of all my work posted on DailyPaintworks (I’ll call it “DPW” from now on). To me, that’s pretty good. I’m very pleased with DPW.

I’m writing this so that other artists can get the answers they want without having to personally ask. Not that I mind answering questions (I LOVE to ramble!), but I figure that a blog post will reach more people.

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