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Drawing, and “the degree system.”

This tells you what’s wrong with the current mainstream system. (Artist’s work is presumably by Seymour Fine Art.)

The picture above tells it all. Yes, I know there are exceptions. There are some excellent schools out there that are not trying to “de-skill” art students. But I’m talking about the majority, which apparently are.read more

A few figure drawings, October 2011 and earlier

To get this blog started, here are some samples of my figure drawing, done in pencil. Some of this art is MODERATELY NOT SAFE FOR WORK.

Drawn at a figure drawing class I attended a while ago at McGroarty Arts Center in Sunland-Tujunga, California. I don’t recall why the model looks like he’s putting on make-up, but there is this memory of him having some fun with his poses!

civil war pose

Model wearing Civil War garb, at an October 2011 figure drawing session held at the GotArt gallery. GotArt is a wonderful resource for accessible and affordable figure drawing, plus I am enjoying their once-a-month session with a clothed, costumed model.

reclining nude(Click on the image to see the whole thing.) A longer (for me!) 15-minute pose of a model, from a figure drawing class held at Communiversity.