Things you can do now, to improve your art

“Hot and Cold” 6×8″ oil on Gessobord. Thanks to XNB Creative for the stock photo used as reference!

I’m just sticking a recent painting at the top, to give this blog some sort of picture! LOL. This is a recent painting. I was trying to explore colors and values in this study, as well as warm and cool flesh tones. That’s why the painting is entitled “Hot and Cold” (for the warm and cool colors).

Okay, I thought I’d write a nuts-and-bolts list of advice for any artist who thinks they suck, wishes they were better, but wonders if they ever will get there. (I’m looking at you, Pavina! đŸ˜‰ )

First, some caveats: I’m still on the journey of trying not to suck myself. Don’t look at my work and assume that I’m implying that I think I’ve ‘arrived.’ I sure haven’t. But I’ve strived to suck a little less each year. That’s all we can do.

Here are some common-sense and oft-agreed-upon tasks you can do to get there. This is assuming that you want to draw and paint realistically and possess more ‘traditional’ skills.

Now, on to the list:read more

Student Oil Paint—painting on a budget, intro and advice

This is going to be the first in probably many “Budget-Minded and Student” tutorials. One thing I know is that when you’re starting out in art (or even if you’re not) you usually are short on funds. Or maybe you hate to spend a lot, regardless.

In any case, this post is for you.

There’s a lot to cover, so I may end up making several posts about this. Hopefully this post will prove to be a helpful start.


One mistake a lot of newbies and beginners make is to think that because they’re just learning, that they don’t “deserve” anything better yet. Why waste the money? They’re just beginners!read more